About us

Welcome to Crete!

Sigma Greece Construction Company welcomes you to Crete! The island of many legends and myths, where the sea, the sun and the way of life meet and fulfill your dream of the ‘ideal home’!

Our company is among the leading building developers of property in Crete with experience in real estate, property construction, property development and property investment.


Sigma Greece selects only the finest locations that Crete has to offer in residential, retirement and holiday residences and uses the highest standards of construction and design, to build elegant homes to suit the lifestyle and taste of today’s discerning property owners.

Luxurious sea-front villas, resort residences and hillside houses, as well as coastal condominium projects and rural properties are available. These residences are characterized by harmony with the environment, satisfying even the most demanding of costumer tastes and avoiding the feeling of mass production. Our clients have the chance to choose among the big variety of constructions.


Sigma Greece has a technical department, with civil engineers, architects, interior designers and surveyors ready to help you in your decision. Extensive in-house expertise enables to offer clients a totally comprehensive service from land purchasing and architectural design through to construction and interior design. Today our company is rightly considered a guarantor of high standards, timely delivery and excellent after sales services, thus, remains synonymous with quality.

So, feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements with one of our representatives and start the process of finding your dream property in Crete today. View our extensive portfolio and learn everything you need to know about buying procedures in Greece.

At Sigma Greece you will make truth your dream in one of our many developments across the beautiful island of Crete.


Enjoy a daily routine of high standards, comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Trust the innovative design, construction solutions and the consistency of Sigma Greece Construction Company.

A highly professional personal service is provided by the Managing Director of Sigma Greece Company, Panagiotis Saslis.

Based on the needs and desires of each customer and with deep knowledge of the subject and the new building materials, Sigma can guarantee you a quality construction with modern creative solutions and importance in detail.

Panagiotis Saslis, the man behind Sigma Construction, has created a dynamic team that embraces each project with great attention, from conception and design to execution, creating constructions of different aesthetic style but always of the same high quality and investment value.

Panagiotis and his family have gained their expertise from over 40 years experience in the building industry in Crete. He has achieved a trustworthy status in the local market having been involved in many projects.


His immense drive is behind the construction wheel of the business offering hands on solutions to daily operations. His insistence on maintaining high levels of construction standards at all costs, therefore ensuring product integrity.

The passion for creativity and excellence constructional creates new models of aesthetics and functionality, which is making the vision a reality.